Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Free comics? Sign me up for some of THAT.

I was strolling through Neil Gaiman's journal today, and I came across something that caught my eye:
"If you'd like to read one of the Sandman parody issues of Cerebus, Dave [Sim, writer/artist of Cerebus] will send you one. He'll send it to you very happily, free of charge. He will sign it for you, too. And he won't charge you a thing. Not even postage.

And if you're wondering what the catch is, it's this: Dave wants to know (as, I have to admit, do I) how many of the people out there in internet-land will actually go and do things that don't involve passively clicking on a link and going somewhere interesting. So what you have to do is write Dave a letter (not an e-mail. Dave doesn't have e-mail) telling him that you read that he'll send you a signed Cerebus, and telling him why you'd like him to send you a copy. It's as easy as that. And, quite possibly as difficult."
I'm no fool - I like the Sandman series, I like what I've read of Cerebus, I like comics, and I like free. There's not even a question about whether or not I'm going to be writing off a letter some time today. I'll even hand-write it, so they can't say I didn't abide the semi-archaic olde-schoole nature of the experiment. If you want the address, and the rest of the journal entry, just go to
Neil's Journal, and then get a-writin'.

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