Monday, August 16, 2004

So much Fringing, so much curry

This weekend went by very quickly. I'm sitting here at work, and I don't really feel like I've had more than one day off. Five shows in three days, plus the first opening shift I've had at the Chapters in over nine months. I think it could be best summed up by the following exchange:
D: (putting books on shelves like a zombie) Morn' Wayne.
Wayne: Do you want me to wake you up now or should I give you a few more hours to sleep?
D: Mmmmm. Sleep.
The shows were okay, overall; we had a bit of a brain explosion on ALL our parts on Saturday night, but Sunday afternoon went really, really well. Our crowds have been very appreciative, and we like it when they scream and yell at us, or at least, wehn they scream and yell nice things, like "Woooo!" or "Go Stan!" or "Sing more songs!" I could do without the "YOU SUCK!", though (yes, my brother loves me, but he shows it in very strange ways). And after our afternoon de-briefing, the five of us went out for lunch, to remind ourselves that, yes, we are all friends, not just people who meet for a few hours in one August week to sing. Aside from the fact that I ate entirely too much Indian food, we had a really good dinner. I swear; I was not that full when I was sitting down.

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