Monday, August 09, 2004

University of Alberta: On The Cutting Edge of Common Sense Research

From the University of Alberta website:

"Any mom or dad can tell you that keeping children busy helps stave off cries of boredom--and now there is scientific backing to prove it.

Dr. Anthony Chaston and his research colleague, Dr. Alan Kingstone, have proven, once and for all, that time really does fly when you're having fun. Or, at least, it flies when your attention is engaged." (Full story here.)

Not as though it wasn't painfully obvious, but sometimes it's nice to have science back us up on things. Plus, I'm fairly sure Tony Chaston was a T.A. for me when I was taking my bachelor's degree, so it's nice to hear that he's doing well for himself.

Now, if only we could do a study on the psychological effects of cell phone use on the task-load of an average person, we'd be well on our way to having actual evidence to getting people to pull over instead of nearly running people (read: me) over in a traffic circle.

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