Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Expires every five years

It's kind of old news, but I found an article on Lesbian Divorce when I was trolling the Failure Boards today. Making a long story short: two women got married in Ontario on June 18, and separated on June 23. And since technically, to get a divorce in Ontario, you need to be same-sex, they're in trouble. Now, this situation could be due to poor planning and hard drinking, or it could be two sharp-eyed lesbians who realized this flaw in the Divorce Act would cause problems, and decided to do something very high-profile to draw attention to it. I'm thinking, however, that this would NOT be a case of the latter.

It reminded me of when I was younger, and I thought that marriage licenses had expiration dates, like driver's licenses do. When I was informed that marriage licenses never expire, I thought "What a great idea, though! Expiry dates on marriages! Then there wouldn't be all this trouble with divorce!" Then I thought, "And I'll be the guy who forgets to renew his license. And then I'll be in REALLY big trouble."
Me: Happy anniversary, honey! I got you some flowers, and this nicely wrapped gift that is NOT a kitchen appliance!
Wife: Can you believe it, dear? We've been married for five years already?
Me: Yeah, it's . . . wait. Did you say five years?
Wife: Yes.
Me: (pause) I'll be right back.

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