Thursday, October 28, 2004

Marvel at my sparkliness!

I have a new computer. One that doesn't crash after more than 24 hours of continuous power use. One that can run more than three programs at one time. One that can display relatively good quality sound and video without using 95% of system resources. One that has a sparkly silver taskbar. I'm so very happy.

In other news, I had an extremely strange dream the night before my Phonology exam, which consisted mainly of me organizing furniture around an apartment that was too small to contain it all. It came up at a conversation about exam-stress-induced dreams my classmates were having (one girl dreamt that she had to teach an autistic Harrison Ford how to talk just before our Developmental Disorders exam), and we came up with the theory that I was symbolizing how a child tries to figure out how to organize a sound system. The bad thing about that theory is that I had the bed by the stove, and the television on top of the dishwasher. I think my symbolic child had a phonological disorder.

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