Tuesday, November 30, 2004

At the risk of sounding stupid and / or lazy...

I was only mildy interested in the CBC program The Greatest Canadian. I appreciated the idea, but to me, it was kind of like saying, "Who's the greatest person you know?" Based on what criteria? Intelligence? Courage? The ability to play hockey? The ability to talk about people who play hockey? A strange combination of charisma and jackassitude? Good looks? It was too much to think about, but when the Top Ten were revealed, I knew exactly who to vote for. And he won.

That's right. Tommy C. Douglas, baby. Father of Medicare, Socialist, Member of Parliament, founder of the New Democratic Party, grandfather of Keifer Sutherland, Patriot. My kind of guy. If I was given the job of making the list, Tommy would be number one with a bullet. And it seems a lot of people agree with me.

Of course, if I was making the list, this guy would be a very close second.

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