Thursday, November 25, 2004

Clean. The cleanest I've been.

They have blackboards and chalk in the restrooms of Muddy Waters' Cafe, so as to cut down on the graffiti and to (sometimes) display interesting, provocative words of wisdom. As I perused the board in the men's room today, I found it completely bare except for the words "I was clean". I thought it was kind of depressing; the chalkboard used to be clean, but now it's dirty again. I tried to put a more hopeful and upbeat spin on it, adding "I wish" to the beginning:
I wish I was clean
After looking at it again, though, I realized I'd made it even more pathetic; I mean, the chalkboard can't do anything about it's state of cleanliness. It was now pleading with an uncaring world. But it looked nice, so I kept it there.


Anonymous said...

depeche mode.

The Doc said...