Wednesday, November 10, 2004

My new nickname

My audiology professor has decided that he's going to call me D.B. from now on, because dB is short for deciBel, the unit that measures sound pressure and intensity, and he likes audiology far too much than is probably healthy for him. It's kind of silly, but I like it. At least, I like it better than some of the other nicknames I've had in my life. Who's bright idea was it to call me "Hamwich" in the first place?

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Jago said...

Other nicknames Dev has had in his life (in no particular order):

Hamwich (as previously mentioned)
Mr. Shouty
Dan Rather (Hey, don't ask me. I didn't nickname him...)
Cutlet (as in Pork)
That Guy Who Sings Real Well
That Guy Who Owes Me Twenty Bucks
That Guy Who Left Me For Dead Five Years Back. I Lost A Leg Due To You, You Bastard! (otherwise shortened to TGWLMFDFYB.ILALDTY,YB, or just Stumpy)
Devin! (The Broadway way)
Dev-mit! DEV-MIT!

And others that don't come to my mind right now...