Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Movies: Anchorman

Thanks to a bad migrane this morning, I missed class, so to make up for the lost schoolwork, I watched two movies this evening. I felt that would be a good use of my time.

One of those movies was "Anchorman", a film that I should by all rights have hated: I don't think that Will Ferrell is funny. I think that he is, in fact, unfunny; I think he sucks the funny out of the scenes he is in. I have never thought he was remotely funny in any movie I've seen him in. Until "Anchorman." I am forced to assume, then, that in "Anchorman" Will Ferrell has somehow worked his way past 'unfunny,' that he has moved past 'antifunny,' and has somehow turned a corner and come back to 'hilarious'.

I can't really explain why I liked Anchorman. It made me laugh, uproariously sometimes. It made no sense. Parts of it were trying so hard to be funy that they were pathetic, but most of the time, I was laughing in spite of myself. I'm surprised at myself, but "Anchorman" was the funniest movie I've seen in a long time.

I hurt inside.


Diego said...

I've seen it twice and loved it tons. Maybe it's the improv-y feel of the movie. Or it could be Steve Carell being hilarious by doing so little (at least, as compared to Ferrell.)

Likely, though, it's that feeling I sometimes get when I see something so simple, yet entertaining that I remind myself that I should have done it first.

Oh wait, that's terrible.

Jago said...

I think that while many scenes in Anchorman don't make sense, everything has it's own odd logic that really only makes sense in the oddball world Ferrell and company have created.

And, like D! said, there are some things that are pure genius, like when a shot of the Channel Six Action News team laughing at Burgundy includes Brick, and you're just not sure why.

Or when D! and I, on our second theatre viewing, made sure to watch during the bar scene, just so we knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that like Fontana says, "We were playing pool literally the entire time you were here."

It's got moments of genius, and that's why I bought it.

Also, a commentary track where they bring in Lou Rawls, for no apparent reason, is a great umpteenth way to watch the movie.

Silly Dan said...

I found Anchorman hilarious, but it's one of those movies I have trouble actually recommending to people. I'd end up saying something like "Yeah, it was hilarious, if you like totally absurd humour. Actually, a lot of it doesn't make sense...most of the characters were really sexist...there's a scene where someone is mean to a dog, which I know you don't like...um...forget I said anything."

Bark twice if you're in Milwaukee,