Saturday, February 19, 2005

Bad Science update.

It's Reading Week, and after last week's trifecta of progressively maddening and soul-destroying exams, I couldn't be happier looking at the prospect of a full week of no classes and no assignments. Well, except my lit reviews for my! WEEK OFF!!!

During a portion of my Friday off, I was catching up on my Scary Go Round (reading from the nineteenth storyline gets a little confusing without the previous eighteen), and John Allison also uses the phrase "bad science". It's a worldwide phenomenon.

Also - and this is mostly for Bill, biggest science geek I know - there is actually a Bad Science website, which tries to expose the real-life Bad Science that is all around us. Hours and hours of fun-timey goodness for those of us who can't afford to give up science for Lent.


Anonymous said...

Bad Bcience?

Diego said...

What, you don't make typos?

If you're going to comment, at least pick something Dev's responsible for, like spelling, or his new-found obsession with penises.