Monday, February 28, 2005

A singing dynamo. The electrical kind.

On Saturday, the members of Edmonton a cappella group Apocalypse Kow headed out to a church just forty-five minutes out of town, in order to record what will undoubtedly, in due time, be hailed as the most eagerly anticipated release of 2005. Barber's dad handled the mixing and recording duties, and put up with five extremely tense and highly distractable singers for nearly six hours. We laid down eight tracks, which is a very respectable number, and we left feeling pretty proud of ourselves.

The worst thing about the whole day - aside from the crestfallen look on Jago's face when he realized that lunch was Chinese food - was that I had somehow turned into a static electricity generator overnight. Every time I touched the microphone, I would get an electrical shock. And because I'm not very good at adapting to new situations, I never remembered to ground myself by touching the mic stand first, so I got shocked quite a lot. After about an hour, I compensated by jamming my thumbs in my pockets every time I approached the microphone to sing, which worked quite well. EXCEPT.

Cut to an hour after I adapted the "thumbs in pockets" strategy. Because I hadn't touched the microphone, or indeed anything made of metal, in an hour, I had acquired a very powerful electrical charge. So when I made an "ooh" vowel during a run-through, the result that I was effectively half an inch closer to the microphone than I was a second before. The loss of this half-inch was apparently enough that the electrical current was now able to arc through the air, and give me an electrical shock that echoed around the church; I snapped my head back HARD, wrenching my neck, and for some reason the back of my head hurt for twenty minutes afterwards.

We're doing it again this Sunday. I can't wait.

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Jago said...

Was it really that crestfallen a look?

I mean, sure everyone in the group knows I hate chinese food, but I thought I covered it up well enough and tried to chow in.

Lucky for me, Barber knows about my aversion (really, who's eaten with me who DOESN'T know what I do and don't eat) that he got me some tortilla chips and salsa.

Eh. At least I tried.