Sunday, March 06, 2005

But where was his brother?

Yesterday at work I saw a young boy of about five wearing a red shirt, red cap, and blue overalls, and standing by the down escalator. His mother called for him to come over, but he stayed out. She called again, and I looked at him a little more closely; he had a smear of what I thought was chocolate on his mouth. The last time she called out, he stomped his foot but ran over, and every so often he would jump in the air in the middle of his run. I thought he was acting fairly strangely, until he got closer and I noticed that there was a white "M" on his cap, and that the smudge on his lip wasn't chocolate but, in fact, a face-paint moustache. It was the beginning of March and this little boy, decked out in his finest Mario outfit, was smashing invisible blocks and jumping on imaginary turtles as he ran through Chapters. He was the highlight of my day.

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