Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Sadly, none of them were punk albums.

My parents had Easter dinner on Saturday this year, so as to ensure that Peach and Sarah could make it without interfering with their own family dinners. We had a good time: snacks and beer were consumed, chocolates were dispensed, dinner was eaten, and Pictionary was played.

At some point during the evening, the conversation turned to music, and Peach made the following comment: "The problem with you is that you don't like happy music." I said that it was untrue, and began to list a number of happy songs and happy bands that I liked (I believe the number was more than two). I then said that I had pretty good taste in music, and that she probably liked about 10% of my music collection, a claim she scoffed at. I took that as a challenge.

On Sunday, Peach pulled all the cds I owned that she liked from my shelves, as well as about 30 she thought she might like but hadn't listened to yet. Not including those 30, she had pulled off 59 cds. 59 out of 571 = 10.3%. Victory = mine.

(Some people might think that 571 albums is a lot. I would like to inform those people that I didn't get her to look through my collection of vinyl records...)


Jago said...

I just remember how giddy Dev got when he brought a turntable into the house so he was actually able to play his vinyl.

I also remember how sad he was when he realized he needed to buy a $50 pre-amp from me so the turntable would actually WORK on his stereo.

Sylvana said...

I have at least a couple hundred cds and I think that my collection is puny.
I also have a turntable and a few vinyls. It's funny watching the confused looks on people under the age of 25 when you start talking about records, vinyl or turntables. It's like your talking about victrolas.