Saturday, May 21, 2005

Turtle power!

Had dinner with Peach's family tonight in honour of her quarter-century birthday. After dinner, we sat around playing Apples to Apples, a really fun game where everyone has a hand full of word cards, and tries to come up with the one that best exemplifies a target word. We were playing, and the target word was "Dangerous", and one of the possible examples was "Ninja". This sparked the following exchange:
Grandma: What's a ninja?
Peach's Mom: You know...a ninja. A Japanese assassin.
Me: They wear black pyjamas.
Grandma: Oh. I thought it was a type of turtle.

Grandma's usually a sharp old gal, but every so often, she says something that completely boggles my mind.


the Worst Ninja Ever said...

It's okay, Doc. She was getting a little too curious about our operations in the 60's, so we had her mind wiped with our secret ninja mind-wiping technique.

Don't worry, your grandmother is otherwise unaffected by her past encounters with ninja.

ORF said...

Wow, my grandma is pretty awesome, but that lady you've got there is just a badass...damn.