Friday, July 15, 2005

Five things that made me laugh on my lunch hour

Taking time away from studying and work, I spent a half-hour looking for amusing things on the internet via Metafilter, Warren Ellis, FARK, and Something Awful. These are the fruits of my labour.

1. A helpful "
How-To" pictorial from the God of Thunder on proper joint construction.
2. Warren Ellis's Nerd Prom pics.
3. Sickeningly saccharine music review blog (not author's reviews, selections from truly terrifying reviews).
4. Tips for betting on the new Charlie & The Chocolate Factory movie.
5. Some of the worst billboard advertrtisements ever.

Yes, folks, this is what I come up with when I can't sleep at night and spend 3 hours re-organizing my music and book collections. I'm no John Cusack, but I get by.

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