Saturday, July 16, 2005

"I mean, vampire marriages last forEVER."

My friends SJ and Jamie got married this afternoon in a very nice ceremony; the groom had arranged all the music for the occasion, which is what happens when someone who has a Master's in Choral Conducting and can play a half-dozen instruments gets married, I suppose. The service was great, full of sweetness and a lot of laughter, especially when the officiant cracked a few jokes and Jamie signed the wrong place in the register. They are two great people who will have a great life together, and I'll be sure to tell them that when I go to the reception in about five minutes.

During the sermon, the reverend spent a lot of time talking about how marriage was "not natural". He kept pushing at it over and over again, which was a little unnerving as I couldn't figure out where he was going with it. After he talked about it for a few minutes, he then said: "Marriage isn't natural; it's supernatural. You need supernatural powers in order to make marriage work." At which point I turned to the Peach and said, "Good thing I'm a werewolf, then." Even in a wedding ceremony, there are some sentences that are just begging for a punchline.


Sylvana said...

What a strange thing for a reverend to say.

Shannon said...

Wait, so you were blogging immediately before a wedding reception? I suppose the sermon was pretty remarkable. Congratulations to your friends.