Saturday, July 09, 2005

Word remix

I have discovered, thanks to the repository of information that is MetaFilter, a website that I am going to play a LOT with when August comes around and I have no classes for a month. It is Language Is A Virus, a website where you can play around with language, 're-mix' things you or other people have written, get ideas for new creative undertakings, read essays on writing, and so on and so forth.

For example of the huge - and awesome - waste of time this thing is, I have used the
Cut-Up Machine to alter a passage from the book I am currently reading, Why People Believe Weird Things by Michael Shermer (of The Skeptic):
What separates science from all other human activities (and morality has never been successfully placed on a scientific basis) is its commitment to the tentative nature of all its conclusions. There are no final answers in science, only varying degrees of probability. Even scientific "facts" are just conclusions confirmed to such an extent that it would be reasonable to offer temporary agreement, but that assent is never final. Science is not the affirmation of a set of beliefs but a process of inquiry aimed at building a testable body of knowledge constantly open to rejection or confirmation. In science, knowledge is fluid and certainty fleeting. That is at the heart of its limitations. It is also its greatest strength.

Now, after the cut-up:
"facts" is just certainty such heart reasonable the activities it from extent or all heart conclusions to set of basis its heart at from is such final. to is in building limitations. inquiry its Even scientific of confirmation. aimed it placed on morality "facts" such What final at the is a "facts" of to offer What tentative been successfuly inquiry Even scientific certainty be inquiry a that are no would answers placed fleeting. knowledge tentative would certainty of its conclusions. is greatest affirmation certainty beliefs nature assent from to offer answers to offer final set of reasonable would limitations. to set of What never at the on a at reasonable a affirmation body scientific and What building never rejected in aimed greatest

It's almost entirely meaningless, but there are some phrases in there I really like. Even scientific certainty be inquiry. What building never rejected in aimed greatest. Even scientific of confirmation aimed it placed on morality "facts". It's a way to get the brain juice moving, and I really want to explore the possibilities. When I have some spare time, I am going to break this thing.

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