Sunday, August 14, 2005

Slogans that work FOR us, not AGAINST us

One of the things we accomplished during rehearsal today was agreeing on a slogan for the Apocalypse Kow business card. We hemmed and hawwed for about ten minutes, thinking of slogans that would be appropriate. I quite enjoyed "Apocalypse Kow - four out of five dentists agree!" but eventually agreed with everyone else that it was a little too non sequitur. My other favourite - "The most fun you've never heard" - was a rip-off of someone else, and we all felt that we've stolen from them often enough. We tentatively settled on "Apocalypse Kow - The Kow says...moooo," which is obviously a See 'N' Say homage. For amusement's sake, though, I present a small list of rejected Apocalypse Kow slogans:

Apocalypse Kow - It's Not Just For Breakfast Any More
Apocalypse Kow - Five Men, Four Stomachs, One Kow
Apocalypse Kow - The Toyota of A Cappella Groups
Apocalypse Kow - Now, More Than Ever
Apocalypse Kow - Because We're Sick Of Your Complaining
Apocalypse Kow - Contemporary A Cappella Since Yesterday Afternoon
Apocalypse Kow - Ask About Our Three-Year Warranty
Apocalypse Kow - Pretending To Rehearse, Since 1998

1 comment:

ORF said...

Cows are ruminants. Which is a good word. You should do something with it.

Or what about "Get your hoof on?"
I dunno...I'll post again at 3 a.m. after I've given way too much thought to what I think a perfect stranger should put on his business card.