Thursday, September 22, 2005

"We're going to need a montage...MONTAGE!!"

I haven't suffered from writer's block in a long time, but tonight my creativity gland has apparently been surgically removed, or at least squeezed dry. After trying for one and a half hours to write a review of Team America: World Police in an effort to wow the head cheeses at Mutant Reviewers From Hell, I have eight sentences. I enjoyed the movie, I just can't seem to write about it with any great flair, or even mild competence. However, I have had the "Montage" song in my head the entire time, which can't be helping.

Come to think of it: if montages worked, I could have had that baby done in two, three minutes tops.

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Shannon said...

You know, I liked the movie but secretly suspected it wasn't very good, so never told anyone. I really enjoyed "I'm so ronry" and the line "Herro Hans Brix." Perhaps that was the secret I was waiting to tell postsecret. Oh well....