Thursday, October 13, 2005

mp3-ness Envy

I've taken my computer in to the Rehab Med tech guys here at Corbett Hall for a serious memory upgrade. I've wanted more memory since I started my program last year, for all my papers and the handouts (among other things) that I would have downloaded over the course of the program, but poor financial planning kicked that dream to the curb. I promised myself I'd get a new hard drive when I started this year, and even though I'm a month and a half late, by Friday afternoon my computer should have a 2000% increase in memory.

(I think the real impetus that got me off my procrastinating butt, though, is that D! got an iPod that had more memory than my computer. That's just sad.)


Justice said...

So, wait, I'm confused. Did you mean more hard drive space or more RAM? Either would be good for your comp but I figured the HD?

Sorry. =) But welcome to the exciting new world of never having to worry about deleting stuff from the HD!!!

Jago said...

Let's face it: a 2000% increase in RAM would be awesome.

"Hey, Justice! Take a gander at my 1 terabyte of RAM! WHOOOOOOOOO!"

Jeans said...

Oh man, you must be so excited!

I have 2 hard drives, and they total a whopping 32 GB.
It's a constant battle of finding stuff to delete to make way for the waves of downloadables.
Hooray for not rationing disk space!