Sunday, October 30, 2005

Totally Dismal. And Excellent.

I grew up reading a lot of comics, especially Archies. At some point, though, I outgrew them: I just couldn't handle the group dynamic any more, especially Betty's 50s-esque obsession with a guy who rarely noticed her, and when he did, treated her like a second-place trophy. It was a dated formula that I just couldn't buy into any more. (Besides, I knew I could treat her better than that stupid redhead.)

But when I popped into Accordion Guy's today, I found an Archie Comic that blew my mind. Tired of being ignored by all of her "friends", Betty decides to try and get a new crowd of friends, and get some attention in the process. That's right, folks: Betty goes Goth. Three things about this:

1. By appearing in an ARCHIE comic, goth culture has been nearly destroyed by pop culture.
2. Incredibly, goth-Betty is even hotter than regular-Betty.
3. Apparently Reggie still has an 80s-era crush on Morrissey.

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