Thursday, November 03, 2005

Lose 4 inches in 5 minutes!

So we took the class to the Odyssium (the once-and-future Space & Science Center) today. Typically, when a class takes a field trip to the science center, the staff assumes a group of grade-school children. We, however, brought a group of Master's students. Whatever, it was educational and fun, and something I think that crew sorely needed. I myself had a good time playing with the displays; at one point, I crashed three lunar landers. There were no survivors.

Bill and I showed up earlier than the class just to set up the stations and make sure everything worked out okay. He went downstairs to put something in his car, and I stayed behind to make sure nobody stole any of extremely valuable calculators. I was pretty inconspicuous, I guess, standing to the side of the poorly-lit room. One of the center's staff members
, a pretty young girl, came into the room and began to check out her ass in the mirrors. One of the funhouse mirrors. She wandered around the mirrors, in 3/4 rear profile, craning her neck around to look at her - admittedly well-formed - butt. I guess people will use almost anything to look skinnier.


Nezbitt said...

You should have said something. It would have been funny!

Jago said...

"It's not those jeans that make your ass look fat. It's the mirror."