Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A Feeling of Disconnect

So, it's been almost four weeks since I brought my computer in to the tech guys here at the University. Initially, I just asked for a suggestion of a place where I could take the computer to have it looked at, and the tech suggested I just bring it in and he could take a look at it himself. "Great!" I figured. "That'll save a little money in labour and such, and as a (moderately)-strapped-for-cash student, I enjoy things that save me money. I'll do it!" However, this has quickly turned into evidence for the old adage You Get What You Pay For. I'm saving money, but I've also been without a home computer for far too long. It's bothering me, because I feel really disconnected without it. After reflecting on what has happened to me without the home computer, I've noticed the following:

1. I've stripped my computering down to the barest essentials: e-mail, Questionable Content (oh god, so good, it's my own must-read sassy comic soap opera), and a little gaming with the guys.

2. I feel disconnected from my internet associates because I typically blog in my spare moments at home, which have now been taken up with reading comics and the occasional chapter of The Alienist.

3. I have barely set foot in my kitchen / study except to make food and do some dishes. Despite not being in there very often, it has gotten incredibly messy.

4. I feel dumb because without random internet browsing I'm not learning as many new things.

5. I watch more t.v., not because I have more free time, but because I can't look up what's on so I resort to the dreaded channel-flipping.

6. I really miss Firefox. The computers here at the University only have Internet Explorer, and I'm afraid it just doesn't cut it any more.

Some interesting things have happened lately (I turned 27 on Friday for one, and Peach and I have made time to go wedding band shopping on Friday for another), and hopefully soon I'll have some more time to write about them. I've been told that I might be able to get the computer home tonight, but really, I'm not holding my breath. If I don't get it by Friday, though, there's likely going to be some impotent moaning. That's right: I don't make idle threats, folks.


SarahJanet said...

Dude, check out Jedco for rings. They are in a random office building downtown, and they are SO MUCH CHEAPER than any of the storefront jewellers. We loved them, and their custom designs are really inexpensive.

Nezbitt said...

"You... don't like the cream puffs.
I... like the cream puffs."

Other than that, I got nothing.

Blue said...

"I'm insulting this man? (Am I insulting this man?)"

But seriously, Questionable Content? So good!

ORF said...

Doc, happy (v. late birthday) and welcome back to blogland. I too have been slow in my return, but hope to have things pick up soon. It's tough when your routine changes...