Friday, April 14, 2006

Back in the saddle...again.

Wow, a lot has happened over the last few...months. Jeez, I've been away a long time. But yeah, a lot of things have happened. A mopey Irish balladeer called my country the second-most cruel country after China; a 170-lb. man is now the World "Heavyweight" Champion (quote marks mine); Jago and I went to an awesome Metric concert (except the encore was a bit much - nobody needs 18 minutes of Dead Disco); an unexpectedly good comic has broken my self-imposed Marvel comics boycott; got ten inches of hair trimmed off and shopped at(SHOCK! GASP!) The Bananna Republic in search of dressy clothes; and I started my first external placement, working with preschoolers on Monday/Tuesday and school-aged children Wednesday/Thursday.

I can't talk a lot about the last one, because of privacy and all that stuff, but I'd really like to: a lot of the kids are really great. I'm working with all kinds of different kids, with different disabilities and different abilities. I don't necessarily like all of them, but I do like most of them. I mean, when you're working on figures of speech with two kids with ASD, and they spend thirty seconds screaming "You're an idiom!" "No, you're an idiom!" at each other, what's not to love?

Anyhow, I've had my computer back for a few weeks now, but haven't put anything up, mostly because I'd gotten out of the habit. But I figure, if I force myself back into it, then it should get progressively easier over time. So I shall. Consider the following scene:

Yesterday I was on my way to pick up the Peach at the end of a long day. I was clad in my trademark cowboy hat (that had been sitting dusty and unused because the long hair had made it unwearable) and navy blue hoodie. I sat at a red light in a 1992 Burgundy Ford Taurus, windows down, and I was listening to some very loud bhangra music, banging my head enthusiastically. I look up to see three young men standing on the sidewalk, looking at me strangely. I mean, surely they've seen a guy in a cowboy hat and a hooded sweatshirt listening to Punjabi pop music before, right? Right?


Justice said...

Holy cow, man! YOu must look crazy different - sounds like an extreme makeover. I suppose I might see it at the toy convention this month if not sooner!

Blue said...

Hooray for updates!

And I miss the long hair, but the haircut looks very good on you. Also, I've always found that a hoodie and cowboy hat are the only possible way to properly appreciate Punjabi pop music. Those guys were clearly under-cultured.