Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Fringe Check-In, Part One

Well, after 5 days at The Fringe, things have been going pretty well for Apocalypse Kow. Six shows down, nine more to go. The crowds have been really enthusiastic and, from what I can tell, suitably entertained. We even managed to build a crowd when it was threatening to rain, which is nearly unheard of where we're concerned. We've pulled out a few new songs, and they're getting pretty good responses. My biggest hope is that we'll get shirts in by the middle of the week, but we've finally got in our "secret mystery merchandise", which is SUPER-fun and we hope people really like.

In terms of other shows, I have only seen one show, which was rather good: Girl's Guide, a one-woman comedy from Elanor O'Brien about becoming a dominatrix. I saw in the program that it was explicit and has nudity, so right off the bat I was wondering whether or not I'd like it. But since it was for my brother's birthday, I decided to go anyhow, and I was really happy I did. She nearly sold out her Friday midnight show, and it was a real treat. Her energy is infectious, and her characterizations are spot-on (and at times, eerie; I actually saw her as a bubbly blonde woman at one point). I'm going to try and make it to at least one more indoor show, and hopefully three, but we'll see how it goes, money-wise. And there are a few outdoor shows I want to track down (my brother was singing the praises of Our Favourite Myths About Motherhood, and I've heard Dr. Draw from two blocks away and am curious to see what their show LOOKS like), so that should be a lot of Fringing to keep track of over the next few days. Anyone want to see anything with me? Drop me a line; I hate going to these things alone.

As it stands, though,
I am officially wiped out. I barely mustered enough energy yesterday to get through the performance, and I was dog-tired and grumpy at the post-show debrief. But I'm going to drink a little more coffee today, and take a nap in the afternoon before the show, so that should help. Plus, today's my last shift until Saturday (7.75 hours, of course, because if it was 8 hours they'd have to give me another 15 minute break...), so that'll give me a bit of a breather. I wish I could take vacations like some other people I know, but until I get out of school and get a real job, a working vacation's the best I can do.


Diego said...

We shaved off those 15 minutes so that you could take a vacation, you ungrateful wretch.

mini-blue said...

To all Kow members: the show RULED!!!! I'm sure it gets incredibly draining by day 5....or 4....or 1...but you guys sound awesome, and it was fun all around.

Have a great rest of Fringe...