Friday, June 08, 2007

The Doc's Big Science Trip!

This weekend, I'm taking a trip down to Calgary for the Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network (CLLRNet)'s 6th Annual conference. I'm just going down there to present a poster for the project I'm working on at the University; my job basically boils down to "stand in front of the poster and answer questions as best you can, if indeed anyone asks you any questions". I'm not speaking or anything, and I didn't even do much work on the poster itself, but it's a pretty big deal for me. It's my first big conference, presenting research I helped work on (even if it was just gathering the data), and a reminder of how much I like science! (Science again! I said science again!* )

I originally thought this conference was next weekend, because of my awesome "not checking things out my supervisor says 'I think' two times about" skills, which put me in a bit of a bind, seeing as I'm singing at a wedding tomorrow evening. I have to drive down to Calgary tomorrow morning, set up the poster, check in to my hotel room at 3:00, then immediately drive back to Edmonton and be at the reception for 6:00ish, sing, and then immediately drive back to Calgary because I need to start standing in front of my poster at 7:00 a.m. on Sunday. That's a lot of driving (9 hours in one day!), but I have a few albums I need to listen to, as well as catching up on my early episodes of Comic Geek Speak, so that'll keep me amused. As Peach said to me yesterday, "Just think, you won't have to play music for me at all this weekend!" Yes, it's nothing but punk rock, comics talk, and indie rock for me.

(By the way, in looking for cool links about science, I came across The Science Creative Quarterly and their Order of the Science Scouts of Exemplary Repute and Above Average Physique. Sounds like something I'd like to get in on, and besides, they have badges! After a cursory look, I'm eligible for, like, 7 of them so far! Hopefully they don't hold too strictly to the "Above Average Physique" part of their title. If so, well, I always need more inspiration to get in shape, I guess.)

* - Where does this come from? 2 geek points up for grabs, people.**

** - Yes, I was totally serious about this last week. There may eventually be prizes.


Fiona said...

Blue Fiona needs points badly.

I will never get a prize, because we're just not the same kind of geek. This saddens me greatly, as I enjoy prizes very much!

Andronika said...


I can't name the specifics, but I do remember the line :)

Brent said...

What is Homestar Runner?

Awesome! I'll take "Comic book characters that haven't been raped for cash by Hollywood" for $1000.

Andronika said...

Do I get geekpoints?
Do I?
Do I?

Natalie said...

I knew it sounded familiar but couldn't put my finger on it! Your conference sounds super cool. Congrats on standing by a poster. I mean that in a very serious way in case it sounded sarcastic.

The Doc said...

Fiona, don't worry, I'll try and put some typeface and wind instrument trivia in there if I can.

Jeans, yes you do get points, but try and have a little patience for a guy who's away at a conference! Then again, I suppose I should be happy someone is excited about the points system.

Brent, I'm not sure if you're joking or not. If you are, then ha-ha! If not, oh dear. I'll have to give you a primer when I see you next...

Natalie, yes it was pretty fun; I'm going to write about it soon and I even have pictures!

Anonymous said...

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Andronika said...

I'm super excited about points.
Points points points.