Sunday, August 26, 2007

To Paraphrase Chris Sims: Jesus, You Are Now Freaking Out

MSN conversation with Ro.

Ro: Check it.
Me: Oh man. Even the link looks bad.
Ro: no, are you kidding? This is awesome.
Ro: It's a bible with anime art.
Me: Yeah. Awesome.
Ro: sorry, "manga"
Me: Don't much care for most manga.
Ro: fine, we'll get a bible with Jeff Smith art.
Me: I like Lone Wolf & Cub. And I like Gon. And I like what I've read of Buddha.
Me: I might read that.
Ro: Or Bill Sienkiewicz. Even just Revelations. That'd be... well, I mean, can dude get any freakier?
Me: Steranko on Revelations. That'd be awesome.
Ro: Frank Miller can do any scenes with whores.
Me: See, with Steranko on Revelations, during the second coming, Jesus busts on the scene, shirtless on a hovercycle. With an eyepatch.
Ro: YES.

Our wives must have really, really good reasons for loving us.


Anonymous said...

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The Doc said...

Thank you, SR, for making my post seem less crazy.

Andronika said...

Ha ha, manga Jesus!

Is it trippy to say wife, or does it fit like a nice sweater?

The Doc said...

Jeans, saying "wife" is still kind of a novelty, because I don't use it that often. I mean, I don't go around saying "My wife says" when I'm talking to people we both know, because I think that's a little pompous, so it's still a little new. However, I spent the first week after being married referring to my "fwife" because I couldn't get out of the habit of saying "fiancée".

Nezbitt said...

At least you don't call her your "girlfianwife"