Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Doc On Ice

When I was a kid, the only two “sports activities” I really liked were soccer and skating. (Hey Natalie, I'm a skating kid too!) In fact, I was in skating lessons for YEARS, and the only reason I quit is because I would have needed to get boys’ figure skates with picks, and my parents couldn’t buy them. As I got older, I still liked to go skating, but it became harder and harder to get second-hand skates in my size. Now, at a size 13, I think it’d nearly be impossible. But after this evening, I might just try looking for some.

The Peach and I went skating today, outdoors on the lake. It was pretty dark out when we got on the ice (about 6:00), but it was nice and quiet, not too many people out, and great weather. It took both of us a little while to get our bearings again, but within five minutes I was doing just fine, turning and stopping and having a great time. For a guy my size and fitness level (i.e., big and poor), it was really exhilarating whipping around at speeds that fast. Sure, I almost lost my balance a few times, and I'm still a little shaky on left-over-right turns, but otherwise, it felt great. I never imagined it'd be so amazing to be out there, but it was.

Seriously, for $5 an hour to rent skates, I don’t know whay I didn’t do this before now. I had a great time, and she did too (until her legs started to hurt). It’s going to get really cold in town in the next few days, but I think once it gets back up above -10 we’ll go again. That was the most exercise I’ve had in a long time, and I actually liked it. Maybe we can get a few more people out next time.


Natalie said...

Sounds like a blast. I may just have to get out there myself some day soon!

Shannon said...

Was that -10 Celsius or Fahrenheit?

The Doc said...

Natalie, like I said I hadn't been on the ice in probably ten years. And in 15 minutes I had my balance and was whipping around. I wasn't 100% perfect, but I didn't fall either. It was great.

Shannon, that's -10 Celsius, which is 14 degrees Farenheit. -10 Farenheit is -23 Celsius, which is a little colder than I'd like to go skating in (although not as cold as it is right now).