Thursday, February 14, 2008

What's Up Wednesday - February 14, 2008

Well, that "weekly Wednesday entries" thing ended quickly. Yes, yesterday was full of work and a really long night in the recording studio, and when I got home I just went right to bed. But I figured a day late's nothing to be too worried about. So, a day late but easily a dollar more worth your time, here's what I've been up to.

The Book: This weekend I decided to pull Star Wars: Heir to the Empire off my bookshelf. It's one of the books I've had for a really long time but have never gotten around to reading. It was because the concept warded me off: I read a few licensed Star Trek novels as a kid and, whoooooo they were bad. But this isn't. It's not nearly as self-conscious and insular as I was expecting; the characters act exactly like I expect them to and the story moves along at a quick pace, introducing interesting characters and situations that, unlike those the movie prequels, I actually want to learn more about. So this is a surprisingly good read. Not great, but good.

The TV Show: The Peach and I started watching Doctor Who: Series Two last year, but she didn't like it very much. I think she missed Christopher Eccleston a lot, and she didn't like some of the early episodes, so we stopped watching about six episodes in. But I've been watching it by myself lately and I've been enjoying it. Sure, I definitely miss Eccleston (he's my Doctor, always will be), but David Tennant is good in a very different way, and there are some really good stories in the episodes. I particularly liked Episode Four, "The Girl In The Fireplace", a time-jumping story involving clockwork aliens, pre-Revolutionary War France, and a horse on a spaceship. Fun, wacky, exciting times.

The DVD: I like James Stewart's lighthearted, comedic performences in movies like The Philadelphia Story or It's A Wonderful Life. But I really like his darker stuff: The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, Vertigo, Rear Window, and my latest favourite, Anatomy of a Murder. It's BRILLIANT. Slow-paced and perfectly written, it's packed full of great performances from Eve Arden, Ben Gazzara, Lee Remick, George C. Scott, and of course Stewart. It's his best performance by far. A perfect legal drama for a lazy afternoon. Put it on and get sucked in, it'll be over before you know it.

The Real-Life: Getting ready for my choir concert. I initially joined this choir to improve my musical knowledge and beef up my voice, which I felt had lost some power and precision over the past few years, and so many people I know who've joined have really liked it. Well, I've been in it for a few months now, and I'm really beginning to regret joining. I don't want to get into much detail, but I don't like the conductors' methods, I get extremely irked by some particularly annoying people, and I'm not getting the guidance I feel I need to learn the pieces well. I'm sticking it out until the end of the year, but if things keep going the way they are, I'm going to seriously reconsider my membership. Don't get me wrong, I think the concert's going to be really good, I just wish that I felt satisfied or content or anything other than upset and frustrated after a rehearsal, just once.


Ryan Ro said...

I definitely enjoyed the Heir to the Empire trilogy, and more or less because of what you said - it feels right. The characters have evolved from the movie but behave how you would expect. It's intriguing, and a bit deeper than normal Star Wars.

I read a number of Star Wars: EU books. After a while it just gets tiresome. Trying to just tie up too many loose ends, every new plot is some NEW lost imperial force and lost SUPERWEAPON. But the Heir To The Empire trilogy is good stuff.

Allan said...

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance is such a good movie. It's been so long since I've seen it, need to check that one out again.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear about your choir experiences. I certainly hope they begin kicking ass!!

And dude, I'm sorry but Eccelston being "your Doctor" is blasphemy. My Doctor, and the *ONLY* doctor, will *always* be Tom Baker.

Natalie said...

I have t5ried to watch the new Dr series but I can't get past the fact that Tom Baker isn't the Dr. He will always be my Dr. Torchwood, on the other hand, is all good with me.

The Doc said...

Ro, I'm probably only going to read these ones. I'm not huge into Star Wars; I like the original movies, and even played the RPG a few times, but I'm not a huge geek about it. I safe that for other things.

Allan, that's one of my all-time favourites. John Wayne + James Stewart = Cinema Gold.

Justice, I doubt they'll start kicking ass soon, as it's been over six months now. Maybe they'll start sucking less, though. And considering I never watched Doctor Who until this new series (poor little Doc didn't have PBS), and Eccleston is the Doctor who drew me into enjoying the series, I don't really think it's as sacreligious as all that. I think that saying that "XX is the only Doctor" is like saying "XX is the only James Bond". There can be more and less definitive ones, sure, but everyone's got their favourite. And mine just happens to wear a leather trenchcoat.

Haven't seen Torchwood, Natalie, but I hear mixed reviews. I do like Captain Jack, though, so I'm sure I'll give it a whirl.