Friday, March 21, 2008

Hidden Treasures of Wisdom

When I study, I often get distracted. When I'm writing out my notes I will sometimes start a sentence, realize it makes no sense, and then try and make it make sense somehow. Other times I start writing out something that is painfully obvious, so I try to just wrap it up quickly and move on. When I go over my notes, I usually find one or two of these "gems', that are so inane or ridiculous or incomprehensible they usually lighten my studying mood. Here is one that I discovered just a moment ago:

"Feeding is good for child development; disruption can suck."

Future health care professional, folks. Future health care professional.


Fiona said...

Well done, sir...well done.

Natalie said...

At least it's true

The Doc said...

Fiona, yeah, I know. Here's another one for your enjoyment: "Theoretically, we want to 'tilt the speech banana'." It sounds dirty, but it's not.

Natalie, always looking at the positive side. But it's true. It would suck to be memorizing patent falsehoods and parroting them out for the exam. "That person has NO speech problems. Case closed!"