Wednesday, April 09, 2008

What's Up Wednesday - April 9, 2008

Special Edition! Now with 50% more headaches!

The TV Show: So I finished up Veronica Mars Season 3 and it was good-ish but not great, kind of like I'd expected from the first few episodes. However, the other DVD set I picked up was Hockey: A People's History, and it was pretty good. It's not supposed to be terribly deep, just examining the history of the game and its impact on the country, and it has some interesting vignettes and trivia. Some of the sections really got to me in a nostalgic kind of way, particularly the sections on Maurice Richard and the start the Oilers' dynasty in the 80s. It's also made me excited for the playoffs this year, which I'm sure my Peach will just be ecstatic about...

The Real Life: The Peach and I just got our new couch delivered today. We picked up a two-piece from Leon's for a very good price, and while we definitely don't regret our decision, it was slightly surprising how much bigger it is than we'd remembered. It didn't look that big when we picked it up. Not that it's too big for our apartment, but it is a bit of a shock to see it. It is very comfortable, though, and deliciously chocolate brown. The only bad thing about it so far is that it's a really good static electricity generator.

That's all for me; my head's killing me. Maybe I'll check in later this week and surprise us all, but for now, I'm out.

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Anonymous said...

In my experience, most furniture nowadays is so huge that it all looks pretty normal in the showroom, until you get it home. I inherited a big comfy armchair from my Dad for just that reason. He didn't like it, it was too big (exactly the right size for curling up sideways in, though, which is how *I* usually sit in such chairs) but it had been the smallest one they had. 8^)