Thursday, May 22, 2008

What's Up Thursday - May 22, 2008

Whoah Nellie, is tonight ever going to be busy. I'll let you know why tomorrow, but for now, only the briefest of brief reviews.

The Movie: Last night I watched Repulsion by Roman Polanski on DVD. It was a study in mood and psychology I guess, but I found the first hour sleep-inducing and the last thirty minutes riveting. So I guess on a different day I would have liked it before, but as it is, it was just okay. Could see how it would have become a cult classic at the time, though.

The Album: Oh man, this news is about thirty-five years too late, but Talking Book is awesome. I must acquire more Stevie Wonder albums with all speed.

The Book: Trying to get through Musicophilia by Oliver Sacks (it was due on Monday and I want to get it done by tonight so as not to accrue ridiculous fines). It is RIGHT up my street, as it combines a number of subjects that I'm interested in: psychology, neurology, language, and music. I keep telling The Peach about interesting stories and concepts from it, like the musician who had a stroke and then lost the ability to percieve music as music, just noise, or theories of how absolute pitch works in the brain. I think she'll be as glad as I am when I finish the book, but for different reasons.

The Real-Life: I had a lovely relaxing long weekend. It started with The Peach's birthday on Saturday, continued with an awesome shopping excursion on Sunday, and was capped off by a French picnic in the park where The Peach and I relaxed and painted watercolours (that she got for her birthday). I'd never painted before (aside from art in school), and it was kind of relaxing, actually. I'd still prefer oils, but that's just because I love Bob Ross so much.

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