Friday, August 06, 2004

Could I do a boxed set?

I'm at home from work today; my lungs are killing me, and my stomach's an accessory. But I found this through Metafilter this morning:
"I'm fascinated by the idea of, say, your favourite band writing something that you can't stand. I've often asked people: What's your least favourite track by your favourite band? It's a difficult question, because often we're reluctant to admit that our favourite bands have written bad songs. We program ourselves to take sides: we'll often convince ourselves that a good song by a band we don't generally like is worse than a bad song by a band we normally love."
So the idea is, take the worst fifteen songs you own, and mix together a cd out of them. You can submit the track listing to the website for perusal, and scroll through a list of a few of the ones other people have put together. I'm definitely going to try my hand at this today, but I will admit, I may have a problem limiting the tracks to one disc. I mean, I could do one disc full of Prince songs alone, and I love that guy.

Edit: well, after a weekend of my home computer not wanting to update anything, I can now present to you MY worst CD of all-time. If I had taken more time to get it done, I'm sure I could have come up with something a little worse, but for now, this is just fine.

David Bowie Teenage Wildlife (Scary Monsters)
- Bad, bad, BAD guitar solo; terrible lead vocal melody; and the lyrics? "As ugly as a teenage millionaire / Pretending it's a whiz kid world". It's just too...boring.
U2 The Playboy Mansion (Pop)
- The album wasn't really their best effort to begin with, but this song bugs the crap out of me.
Ani DiFranco Amazing Grace (Dilate)
- I like Ani DiFranco, and I like Amazing Grace. What I do NOT like is Ani DiFranco choking Amazing Grace to death.
The Police Mother (Synchronicity)
- It's too easy to make fun of this song. Andy Summers should be ashamed of himself.
They Might Be Giants Dr. Evil (Dial-A-Song)
- It's a parody of lame Bond themes that sucks way more than any Bond theme did. Even Live And Let Die.
Moxy Früvous Horseshoes (Wood)
- Chorus: "Look straight at the coming disaster / Realize what you've lost / But you keep handin' out horseshoes / Horseshoes have gotta be tossed." What does that even MEAN?
Elvis Presley Way Down (Elv1s)
- The only reason this went to #1 is because the last single he did before he died. And because people are stupid.
The Beatles Come Together (Abbey Road)
- In my world, Abbey Road starts with George Harrison's "Something", because I always skip "Come Together".
R.E.M. Circus Envy (Monster)
- I think this was recorded by aliens dressed up in R.E.M. suits. Or, by R.E.M. dressed up in alien suits to confuse people.
Radiohead We Suck Young Blood (Hail To The Thief)
- Oh, I'd agree with the first two words of this song.
Prince Diamonds and Pearls (Diamonds and Pearls)
- There are worse Prince songs out there; much MUCH worse. But this one has a special kind of suck, one that's mixed with good music, and it makes me sick.
Sloan Seems So Heavy (Navy Blues)
- If there was any song that convinced me both that a) Sloan REALLY likes The Beatles and b) they're better when they don't blatantly rip them off, this was it.
Sheryl Crow Long Gone Lonesome Blues (Timeless: A Tribute to Hank Williams)
- I propose that Sheryl Crow face a fine and possible jail time if she ever tries to yodel again.
Johnny Cash Flushed From The Bathroom of Your Heart (At Folsom Prison)
- So full of terrible country similes, the bathroom is where it belongs.
Ben Folds The Ascent of Stan
- This song activates my "skip track button-hitting reflex" every time. I just can't listen to the song all the way through.

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