Tuesday, August 03, 2004

It is a crazy dream, Scott, but I like it.

I was pointed in the direction of PVPOnline by a number of sources today. I usually go to the site about once a week or so, to catch up on the strips. However, the more interesting feature on the site this week was an article he wrote about a panel he was on at the San Diego Comic Convention over the weekend, about the future of syndicated comics in daily newspapers. I think it's a really great article, explaining the history of the comics page and why it's gone so far downhill in quality over the years. He also proposes an unique idea, one that might bring about some much-needed change:
"In the coming months, I'll be putting into effect, a program in which papers can receive PVP for free. That's right, free. They don't have to pay me a cent for it. I will provide for the papers, a comic strip with a larger established audience then any new syndicated feature, a years worth of strips in advance, and I won't charge them a cent for it.

The exposure and prestige of PvP appearing in daily papers would more than pay for itself in a months time. In exchange, I can offer the papers a comics feature that's tried and tested, funny and best of all, free. They have nothing to lose or risk financially. They can see, in advance, a years worth of strips so they don't risk me flaking out on them. Most of all, I can provide them with yet another bargaining chip against the very syndicates. This is the perfect climate to take this step.

[...]Imagine if newspapers were soon filled with features that were creator owned, free of charge and most importantly....actually funny. It's a crazy dream, but I think it's possible. Even doable."
Click here for the full article.

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