Thursday, October 07, 2004

Charity makes you feel good, people

Since I realized I didn't tell the dozens - AND DOZENS - of Electric Mayhem readers out there:

You people should donate to CJSR radio, FM 88.5 in Edmonton. I can think of two reasons:
1) You like CJSR, and want to ensure their continued success.
2) You don't like CJSR, but like Da-De-O's, and want to get 10% off all of your PoBoy's for a year. Just think about it people: buy nine po-boys, get the tenth FREE!

Seriously, they give away good shwag like discount cards, hoodies, and toques - and if you like being warm and frugal, there's no better way to do it. You can call them, walk into the station, or better yet, click here to do it online! It's fun AND fashionable.

Stay tuned for far less relevent posts.

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