Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Concerts: Sarah Harmer

I woke up this morning with a migrane. I was up entirely too late last night, and I guess the stress and whatever headache trigger I ate yesterday was compounded with lack of REM. So. No classes today. I did get some studying in this afternoon, but that hardly makes up for it. I was very worried about tonight, though, as I was going to the Most-Looked-Forward-To-Concert-Of-The-Year (and that includes NoMeansnNo): Sarah Harmer, live at the Winspear Center.

I could give a blow-by-blow account of the show, but here's the list of things I liked, followed by the list of things I didn't like.

What I Liked About Sarah Harmer Live at the Winspear:
  • opening act Josh Ritter commenting that performing at the Winspear Center "is like being in a giant birthday cake. And I've been in a lot."
  • the matching ties of all the gentlemen in Sarah's band
  • the Ms. Harmer's skinny arms and legs appeared to have sprouted out of her dress as she rocked on the electric guitar
  • the standup electric bass
  • Josh Ritter's slightly-inebriated monologue about how he was growing a beard to make "a good impression" on Canadians, but how it wasn't fully grown when they performed in New Brunswick so he had to buy one off some kid
  • the way the melody lines in many of the songs were changed slightly, creating a new spin on the songs without being distracting
  • the fact that the backup singer sounded eerily like Sarah Harmer
  • the singalong "I'm A Mountain" which I belted out as loud as I could in the hopes that Sarah would hear me and hire me to tour with her
  • Sarah's 'zinger' where she said that her bassist "wore the braces in this outfit"

What I Did Not Like About Sarah Harmer Live at Winspear:
  • the guy behind me who thought it was cool to talk to his friends (who weren't responding back) during the show, and at one point screamed out to ask Sarah how it was playing in Toronto with the Rolling Stones. Sarah's response: "That wasn't me. But thanks for asking."

It was a good show people. Go out and buy some Sarah Harmer. She's way better than that other Canadian Sarah singer-songwriter.

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Anonymous said...

And Sarah Slean is even better...