Monday, October 11, 2004

Really, are the cushions absolutely necessary?

I was having Thanksgiving dinner at my Nana's tonight, and when I went to use the facilities, I noticed that she'd co-ordinated the cushions on her toilet seat with the shower curtain. I was impressed with her sense of style, to be sure, but then I started thinking about the cushions a little more in-depth. Is this really the place where you need to get absolutely comfortable?

Also, Christopher Reeve died today, and that made me a little bit sad. The comic geek in me is sad because he will always be my iconic
Superman, but the movie I really liked him in was Noises Off. Easily in my Top Ten Movie Comedies. I should watch that this week some time.

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Jago said...

I find that cushions on a toilet seat don't help. My family had one, and my ass was actually a lot more disturbed by the liner that was usually pretty sharp plastic.

If I was in there for a moderately long time, I'd always come out with grooves in my ass.