Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Like he didn't hate her enough already...

In additional election coverage, an excerpt from a conversation between myself and Jago

Jago: The Tories lost 7 seats in Edmonton.
Dev: YESSSSS! I mean, it's not so good for us as constituents, but hey!
Jago: "The Conservatives also lost in Edmonton-Mill Woods, where Liberal Weslyn Mather, an assistant principal, defeated the PC's Naresh Bhardwaj, a teacher at her school."
Dev: Eeep!
Jago: Might make for an (adjusts tie a la Jon Stewart) interesting school day tomorrow...
Dev: *cchkkkkk* "Mr. Bhardwaj, please report to the assistant principal's office for a severe gloating." *cchkkkkk*

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