Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Outlook is still bleak, but it's LESS bleak.

Well, it was the Alberta Provincial Election yesterday, and Jago and I went across the street to vote when I got home from school. (It's nice to have polling stations that are almost always within a street-crossing of your house.) We spent our 45 minutes in line talking mostly about comic books, did our civic duty, and went home. A few hours later, we checked the statistics.

The Progressive Conservatives are still the majority; in fact, Alberta has now had a right-wing majority government for the past ten elections. They did lose a "whopping" 13 seats, dropping from 74 seats to 61. I was triply happy about the election results: PCs down, NDP up - To four seats! Twice as many as they had last time! Official party status, here we come! - and my political hero, Raj Pannu, ex-leader of the NDP, won his riding. MY riding. Everything's coming up . . . well, Ralph Klein. But less than usual.


Anonymous said...

the NDP is for people who are too damn lazy, or stupid to make their own way in the life.

Silly Dan said...

I think, considering Social Credit was in power from 1935 to 1971, it's even more than 10 consecutive right-wing majorities. They've just changed conservatives every so often, that's all.

Jago said...

Anonymity is for people who are too damn cowardly to take responsibility for the things they say.