Thursday, December 02, 2004

Mondegreens ahoy!

I was walking home from school today, listening to Fables of the Reconstruction, an early-80s R.E.M. cd that I don't listen to enough. I only know a couple of songs of that well enough to sing along to, and the rest I just hum along. But I got to the fourth song (Life and How to Live It), and realized that I had NO idea what the words were. My best guess was:

My carpets are up and rummage the (unnintelligible), sin to the hooooooweeeeuuuuu
Parkinson's runnin, runnin the boat
Parkinson, the streets until what I have hidden there
Listen, listen to the hooooooowwweeeeeuuuuuuuhuuuuuey
For I could bite the bullet and live life without a lemon.

The actual lyrics, according to

My carpenter's out and running about, barking in the, listen to the holler
My pockets are out and running about
Barking in the street to tell what I have hidden there
Listen, listen to the holler
If I write a book it will be called "Life and How to Live It".

Yeesh. I love R.E.M., but I'm glad Michael learned how to enunciate. I can't imagine what a singalong at an early-80s R.E.M. concert would be like.

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Diego said...

R.E.M.'s best song, hands-down, has got to be "Just a Touch", off of Life's Rich Pageant. It opens with "What in the world / Women in black"; I remember Jacob Banigan telling me he always heard it as "What in the world / Swimming in *bleccch*".

Which isn't nearly as bad as all those months I'd heard "Star 69" off of Monster and interpreted "I know all about the warehouse fire" as "I know all about the warehouse style."

See ya. Gotta "practice my T-Rex moves".