Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Lists: Movies I've Seen

A long while back, I was trying to rent a movie with Peach, and we were having a pretty rough go of it. We walked around the video store, and she'd point out a video every once in a while; as our tastes are so very different, and I'm interested so many different movies, we leave the suggestions to her for the most part. Every time she pointed one out, I said "Nah, I've already seen it, and I feel like seeing something new." After 20 minutes, though, she'd had enough: when I said "I've seen it" for about the eighth time, she said, "Fine! Why don't you just make me a list of every movie you've ever seen, and I'll never pick one of those ever again!"

At the time, I realized that it was mostly frustration that made her snap, and that she wasn't actually serious. But I thought about it, and said "Sure, why not?" It wasn't like I was doing much at my job; at the time I spend my days planted in front of a computer for 8 hours, 2 of which was work and 6 of which was boredom. So I decided to make a list; I cross-referenced the IMDB database with my own memory, and put down the names, dates, directors, actors, times, ratings, and genres of every movie I could remember watching. I know, I know, it's a dumb thing to do. But I'm a geek, and I was bored. Bored geeks have been known to do dumber things.

I finished up today. The grand total - barring a few gaps in my memory - comes to 1359 films, including tv-movies and direct-to-video releases, but not including animated shorts. That's 2462 hours and 40 minutes. To put that another way, if I strapped you into a chair and told you that you couldn't get up until you'd watched all those movies, one after another, without a single break, you'd be there for a little over 102 days. Actually, you'd be there a lot longer, because you'd be dead, but you get the point.

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