Sunday, January 09, 2005

Romance bloomed amidst the Biographies

At work on Friday, I was helping a young goth-punk girl and her friend search through the biography section to find a biography she could use for a school project. They were looking for books on Marilyn Manson, Sid Vicious, and the like, and I did my best, but I couldn't really find anything she was interested in, so I left them and went about the rest of my day. Half an hour later, the girl came back over to me and slipped me a folded piece of cardboard. It was . . . a Barney the Dinosaur valentine card. On the inside, it said "To Library guy. I (heart) U! Sam."

I was kind of impressed with that. I mean, it's not even a month before Valentine's day: where did she get that? Does she wander around with a pocketful of Valentines every day, for just such an emergency?

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