Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Bad Science! I said Bad Science again!

First off: sorry about the bad spelling and mis-quoting, Jago. I can't think of any rational explanation for it, so I'm going to say it was, uh...Bad Science.

Bad science. That's something I've been noticing a lot lately in t.v. and movies. You know, something has to happen for the sake of the plot or even just tok make a joke, but it's not based on anything that would happen in reality? And I'm not talking about science fiction, where people can move faster than light or shoot fireballs from their hands. That's not Bad Science; that's a convention of a fantasy story. I'm talking about Bad Science.

The show that gives the best examples of Bad Science is Angel, the show that got me thinking about it in the first place. I like Angel a lot, don't get me wrong; Ninja, Jago, and I have semi-weekly Angel nights and we always enjoy ourselves. But lately there have been a number of parts where we've gone, "WHAT? How did he...why did the...oh, right. Bad Science." For instance:

1. A scientist conducting an experiment to study the physics of time? That's not bad science. A scientist conducting an experiment to study the physics of time without having any formulae, theory, or rationale? Bad Science.

2. Someone spills a mug of blood (hey, it's a show about vampires) on a computer keyboard that makes the computer shut down, and the monitor shoot smoke and sparks? Bad Science.

3. The scientist from the first example finally makes a breakthrough and stops time. And he's alone in the lab, so instead of calling someone and making notes and descriptions, he runs out of the lab - leaving the area of frozen time COMPLETELY UNWATCHED? Bad Science AND just plain stupid.

At least Bad Science on t.v. is far more fun than Bad Science in real life.

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Bill Hodgetts said...

Careful dB. The world becomes one giant slippery slope once you start to notice these things.