Monday, February 14, 2005

I haven't seen either of those sci-fi shows.

Also tonight, a conversation that proves that when I am tired, I am a terrible person:
Gina: Apparently, one of the women who is a psylon on Battlestar Galactica was on C.S.I.
Ninja: There was a psylon on C.S.I.?
Me: Yeah, and next week there’s going to be a Dalek on Law & Order.
Ninja: Oh?
Me: Yes, he’s Jerry Orbach’s replacement.
Jago: “What do you think, counsellor?” “ELIMINATE!”


Diego said...

Daleks are everything that I love about science fiction, by the way.

Interesting note: with the new Doctor Who series coming out, they almost lost the use of Daleks permanently. Seems the original creator was canny enough to copyright those little angels, and his estate was none too thrilled about the BBC's past use without consent, and even less thrilled about a proposed pitch for a cartoon about gay Daleks.

It's all been settled now, but really. Isn't there room enough on this plane for all kinds of Daleks?

Please support diversity and watch "The Daleks Have a Queer Eye For You and You Will Be Exterminated." Send a message!

Jago said...

Dev, you had me spell check Cylon. Why didn't you listen?

Also, I'm the kind of geek who hates being misquoted. Of COURSE I said "Exterminate!"