Monday, February 07, 2005

Just the latest example of cognitive dissonance.

The book I'm currently working on is called "How To Read and Why", by Harold Bloom, a literary critic and Shakespeare obsessive. In it, he talks a lot about the skills and beliefs one needs in order to read properly, and he spends much of the preface speaking about such luminary writers as Shakespeare, Dante, Cervantes, Samuel Johnson, Emily Dickinson, and others. He is solidly convinced of the importance of reading, especially in today's society with all the new-fangled computers and television that make it not only a chore to read, but difficult as well.

The song running through my head when I was reading this today? The theme song from MacGuyver.

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Diego said...

Good. Good to know that I could possibly be reading WRONG. If we don't want reading to be a chore, then why insist there's a "proper" way to do it?

Granted, Dev, you've read this book, I haven't. I may have it wrong. I might read the book myself, but, you know, TV.

Speaking of which: MacGuyver? Some guy makes impossible contraptions while wearing a furutistic suit of armour? Sign me up!