Sunday, February 06, 2005

Prepare for some good ole-fashioned cyborg lovin'.

Due to a mix-up in my brain as to when the "end of the week" actually is, I went in to work today not actually having to work. Which is nice, because I'm a 3 minute walk from work, and can use the extra time to study, write, exercise, and play video games.

Before I get to the homework, I did want to mention one quick thing that might be interesting to a few people (i.e., Jago, Axler). Found the link to
Space Tree from Scott Kurtz this morning before work, and I'm stunned by the sheer...well, I won't call it brilliance. But it's something, all right. I'm drawn to it like a magpie to something shiny. To me, it's at least as good as House of Cosbys, if only because there's more episodes.

WARNING: Space Tree is very bizarre and slightly disturbing. You have been warned. And now that you've been warned, you MUST go.

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