Tuesday, March 15, 2005

On the subject of birthdays.

So I turned 26 on Thursday (same day as Matthew Baldwin, matter of fact), and the Peach and I had a nice dinner and went to the Sarah Slean concert, which I enjoyed quite a lot. Friday was Jago's Beef-n-Bowling extravaganza, which I mostly enjoyed, despite my deep hatred of bowling. I especially enjoyed watching Jago, D!, and Elimination as they attempted to guide their ball towards the pins through the sheer power of frenetic dance.

Saturday was my birthday celebration, and we started off with an informal and tasty potluck at Peach's place. I was pleased that about seven of my fellow speechies-in-training came to the party, to get to see how I behave in my normal environment and to prove to myself and my other friends that I'm capable of making friends outside the context of choir. They were pretty starved for entertainment, though:

Me: JAGO! (as Jago arrives)
EmC: Oh good!
Christina: Now you can sing for us!
Jago and I: Uuuhhh...
EmC: Come on.
Me: Seriously, we don't even have 50% of the group.

The highlight of the night was a two-way tie: either Jago performing a Junior Senior song at Karaoke, or watching a couch full of SLP students observe seven-month-old E as she played with her toys, trying to give her plenty of meaningful linguistic input while making sure it was within her zone of proximal development. I mean, really people: can't we take one day off?


Jago said...

Seriously, I thought I totally stunk up the place.

Recipe for a non-responsive crowd.

1 tired Jago
1 obscure song
5 notes out of Jago's range
8 friends who were looking at me like I was insane
2 friends who were grinning, bopping up and down. (I know D! knows of Junior Senior, if only for me sending him some of the MP3s. Maybe you too, Dev?)
1 litre of utter determination not to sound as bad as half the people in the bar.

Stir all ingredients together. Suck.

Seriously, I thought it was a train wreck. Until you and D! started the call and answer.

Christianne said...

What?! No mention of the gift that keeps on giving?? Oh and did you mean seven month old "E"???

The Doc said...

Sorry, yes. I meant E. I suck. I fixed it.