Saturday, April 09, 2005

Just when you thought Toronto couldn't suck more.

At work today, I came across a postcard advertising an event called "Get Down, E-Town". The postcard started as follows: "EDMONTON, home of the biggest mall in the world. Home of the world's biggest parking lot." Right. Because THAT is the way to sell a city. "Hey, you guys, we have the world's largest parking lot! You should come see it! Don't worry, there's plenty of parking!" Jeez.

The kicker is: I was looking it up when I got home just now, and the party is at Wayne Gretzky's Restaurant, on 99 Blue Jay Way. IN TORONTO. There has to be something I'm not getting about this. I mean, there's got to be an overindulgent restaurant here in town we could throw a crappy tribute party in. Why go all the way to Toronto? I guess it's for people who want to celebrate the joys of Edmonton, world's biggest parking lot and all, without actually wanting to BE in Edmonton.


Sylvana said...

I love the irony!

Silly Dan said...

It sounds to me like it's a party for Edmonton expatriates, so it's only half as silly as it seems

-- Dan, from the home of the world's tallest free-standing phallic symbol.