Monday, May 30, 2005

Based On A True Story (or: I Just Can't Stop Blogging About Comics!)

Outside one of the rooms in Corbett Hall there is a poster that says "May is Speech and Hearing Month!" The poster has a cartoon of three children, smiling all teeth and eyeballs; one of the kids is in a wheelchair and has a blue shirt with a white star on the chest, and red and white stripes around the stomach area. It really reminds me of Captain America's shirt. I mentioned this to Mike today:
Me: My favourite thing about that poster is that the blonde kid is wearing a Captain America shirt.
Mike: It reflects his humble beginnings as a paraplegic kid with a speech impediment.
Me: And he went on to be the hero of World War II and the leader of The Avengers.
Mike: He's an inspiration to all of us.


Jago said...

(Inhales deeply)


Sylvana said...

I like nerds. Especially sassy ones!