Friday, May 27, 2005

Friday Random Ten - "These Are The People In My Neighborhood" Edition

Just under the wire, the Electric Mayhem Friday Random Ten, out of 311 tracks:

1. The Sugarcubes - Motorcrash
2. Strong Bad - Differenttown
3. Bruce Springsteen - All I'm Thinkin' About
4. Travelling Wilburys - End of the Line
5. Elvis Costello - You've Got To Hide Your Love Away (live)
6. NOFX - Stickin' In My Eye
7. The Roots with Taleb Kweli - Rolling With Heat
8. Dead Can Dance - Arabian Gothic
9. The Smiths - There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
10. Tom Waits - Hoist That Rag

Half an hour ago, I finished up my fourth paper on language in autism, and I felt that merited a small break. I pulled on my hoodie and cowboy hat, and headed to the 7-11 to get myself some fresh air, and a liter of ice cream. (Hell, I figure, I'm going for a walk anyways, I might as well give myself an explicit purpose.)

In the half-hour I was out, walking no further than four blocks from my house, three people asked if I wanted to buy some pot, and two people asked me to sell them pot. One of the potential dealers asked me not twenty feet away from a police car with flashing red and blue lights. This made me ask myself two questions: 1) Is there something that screams "pot-head" about me? 2) Are the people on Whyte Avenue really as stupid as Axler keeps telling me?